TAS Knowledge

Year-round bookkeeping and tax services geared toward the professional owner/operator.


TAS can help you manage your business finances and your trucking operations.

  • Understanding the importance of filing your taxes on time along with the stability from being current.
  • Successful truckers have income, which means they will owe tax; learning how to manage and pay the tax is the key.
  • Estimated tax payments is your responsibility, we can help you on how, what, and when to pay.
  • Estimated tax payments on a quarterly or how to convert to a monthly plan.
  • Tax filing extensions misconceptions. Many put off taking care of their taxes, "I'll just file an extension." How this hits your cash flows will make you change your approach.
  • Highway use tax, when it is due and how much. Planning for this annual cost and how trading trucks affects it.
  • To incorporate or not to incorporate...that is the question.


There are many keys to being a success. Taking advantage of what we can offer will contribute to your becoming a successful Independent Owner Operator.

  • Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!! Many services have tried, but none can can match our level of service, knowledge, and abilities.
  • Using an accountant like TAS relieves you of the burden of learning the tax code and puts our knowledge and experience of the trucking business on your side!
  • Know the source of tax advice...everyone's taxes are different and require individual analysis. What works for another driver, will more than likely not help you.
  • Our understanding of the trucking business expenses provides you with the inside track. TAS will review your records and tell you what other deductions you may be entitled to.
  • Spread the word! The TAS service is one of the best values for an owner operator and many of your fellow truckers could use the help. Our only advertisement is you!



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