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Year-round bookkeeping and tax services geared toward the professional owner/operator.

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Our customers are owner/operators and truck drivers like youself, so we are set up for your business and tax needs!

TAS has accountants and tax professionals with over 35 years of trucking industry experience, and owner/operators clients in all of the lower 48 states. Providing full service bookkeeping services to truckers all over the country is Transportation Accounting Services’ main business source. There is not a settlement made yet that we cannot read; we have dealt with over 140 different trucking company settlements and records.

Many of the operators and drivers using our service have never met any of the TAS employees in person. Most of the work is done through the mail, over the phone, or email, which is a great benefit of the service- not having to get home to take care of your business records or taxes. We understand that truckers need to be able to contact us when they have available time, and welcome your calls and emails. We try to conform to your schedule, not to try to get you to fit ours.

This system is designed to be the easiest possible service for your benefit. No sorting! No stapling! No matching! No adding! Just put your records and receipts into the postage-paid envelope, and then drop in the mail. No waiting in line or paying to send your records out.




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